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First Sciences

Age: 18 months olds+

Day: Fridays


3:30pm – 4:10pm (18 months – 2 year olds) 

4:25pm – 5:05pm (2 – 3 year olds)

5:20pm – 6:00pm (18 months olds +)

Location: Payson classroom

# of Sessions: 17

Fee per child: $189

Beginning Sciences teaches children the very basics of the many life forms around them, from insects, amphibians, plants, and mammals, as well as the various processes necessary for them all to live, such as the water cycle and atmosphere. The class additionally focuses on classroom readiness, encouraging children to sit still, feel comfortable participating/speaking up in class, and to use listening ears and focused eyes. Each class begins and ends with a welcome/goodbye song. Next we read a book relating to the topic of learning for the day, where 3-4 key facts or concepts are repeated and reinforced. Then we move to the table where we do a project related to the day’s subject, and finally we return to the carpet, where children can earn a sticker by sitting and waiting patiently and quietly for their name to be called. Hope to see you in the spring!

*Caregiver required for 18 month – 2 year olds. 3 year olds drop-off optional.


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