PAA Class Registration Procedure and Policies

To register for a class, please complete the PAA’s online registration here.

In advance of registering, please note the following: 
  • Your child must be the stated age for the class you select on the date that classes begin. 
  • When registering, please select your first and second choices for class times. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences as long as your child is the stated age for that specific class when classes start. 

NOTE: Only put down times you can attend. If you decide after you register that the time will not work you will be charged an administrative fee of $25 per item 4 below.

  • Register early to secure spots in classes of interest. Class assignments usually happen in order of registration (first-come-first-serve), with some discretion by the chair between 1st/2nd choices to balance session numbers.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable administrative fee per class. This fee will not be returned if a student drops out of a class.
  • Assignment is not secured until payment is made and no child may attend a class if payment has not been made.

Once a class is full or when registration closes, you will receive an email confirming registration with instructions on how to make a payment. Online payment is required by electronic check or credit card (for a small fee) before classes begin. 

Classes will observe the holidays listed above except where otherwise noted beneath the individual class schedule. There are no make-ups, refunds, or credits for individual families whose child is enrolled in a class but is unable to attend for personal reasons.

Sibling Policy
  • If a sibling child is old enough to participate and anticipated to participate, s/he should be a paid member of the class. 
  • A 50% discount will be offered for a 2nd sibling attending the same time slot of a non-drop-off class (where caregiver must attend). This discount does not apply for drop-off classes. 

Class Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy 

1. Make-up Classes: Due to limited date availability there will not be any make-up classes.

2. Refunds / Credits: 

a. Refunds will be provided for classes unexpectedly cancelled by the instructor. There may be scheduled absences that will be communicated to families in advance of registration. No refunds will be provided for these scheduled absences.

b. Refunds will NOT be provided for classes unexpectedly cancelled by weather conditions. PAA enrichment scheduling and snow/inclement weather cancellations follow the NYC public school calendar—if NYC public schools are closed, no PAA classes will be offered that day.

c. No refunds or credits are given to an individual family whose child is enrolled in a class but is subsequently unable to attend a class for personal reasons. 

d. Classes can be dropped until appropriate semester’s deadline by notifying the corresponding class chair via e-mail. Families will be reimbursed minus the cost of the class that is attended. The administrative fee will not be returned. 

No refunds will be provided for classes cancelled after the first week (i.e., if the first class is on a Friday, a written request for cancellation must be sent on that day, Friday, or Saturday).

If you join a class late, fees will be prorated. 

3. Notification of Class Cancellation

Instructors or class chairs will notify parents as far in advance as possible if a class is cancelled. However, in case of last-minute cancellations (e.g., if NYC schools are not closed but the instructor is unable to come to class, sick day, etc.), class chairs will email all families of the cancellation as soon as practical.