PAL Teacher (Ms. Liz)/ TA (Ms. Aartie)


She was born and raised in Peru, before moving to the United States a decade ago. Her passion for education was ignited when, as a teenager, she worked in a program to teach English to the children of police officers. She loved every part of it – from singing modern songs in English with the children to finding other creative ways to relate to them and help them enjoy their play time. That experience gave her an important foundation as she continued developing her skills as an educator

She then obtained her bachelors degree, attending teaching seminars and studying the newest methodologies for maximizing pupil engagementAfter completing her education, she was hired to work in one of the most affluent private schools in Lima. In coming to the US, she transitioned to work as a caregiver. She approached that work as one-on-one tutoring for the children in her care. imaginative artstories being read, and in abundance she also recognized that an equally important part of her role was to keep parents well-informed, especially with respect to the children’s socio emotional development.

Ms. Liz is delighted to return to the classroom as PAL’s head teacher.  With her career as an educator, she aims to instill the joy of learning in every child she encounters. She takes the time to learn each child’s personality and interests, so that she can engage and motivate him or her in an individually tailored way. At the same time, she appreciates the group dynamic and ensures that every class is a success for the children collectively, too. Ms. Liz believes strongly that education should be fun, never boring. She herself is full of energy and entertainment – knowing that even how-to instructions must be enjoyable to keep children interested and eager to return to school day after day. She is also a nurturer, with a calm, kind presence and steady wisdom, even in the most boisterous classroom.

As both a teacher and a parent herself, she has faith that we have the power to make this a better world. She constantly strives herself, and encourages her students, to achieve this by approaching others with more compassion and love and less judgment. She believes that, with our children as the global citizens of tomorrow, our future is beautiful and bright.


Aartie currently live in Hollis, Queens with her family. She has a Psychology degree and is finishing up her degree in Elementary and Special Education. Aartie has over 15 years of experience working with kids of all ages and experience working in a day care. In her free time, she loves to read, listen to music, play video games, play with her dog Knight, and spend time with her family.

She has been working with PAL since 2017 and has loved the wonderful experience and journey. She loves meeting and working with kids of all ages. She loves seeing how much they learn, grow, explore, interact with their peers, and develop their little personalities.

Aartie believes that all children can develop into amazing and kind human beings and it all starts with us. All children have the potential to learn and it is up to us to provide all the resources and guidance for them to grow. With this in mind, she and Ms. Liz will do everything possible to make sure that the students leave with a smile every day and are excited to come back and learn the next day. She can’t wait to see you all on the first day of class!!