PAL Teacher (Ms. Lis)

Anelise LuizeBackground and Education

Anelise — also known as Lis or Lizzy — was born and raised in Brazil, where she first went to college for Physical Education. After an internship teaching swimming lessons for infants and toddlers, she finally realized that working with young children was her passion and decided to follow her path transferring towards an Education degree. She is determined to always keep learning and plans to be enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Masters program at Hunter College next year.

Professional Experience

It all started with mommy-and-me swimming classes for babies, but Lis ended up working as swimming teacher for all children’s classes, ages 0–6, until she moved to the US where she worked as a daycare teacher in Manhattan and as a nanny for a wonderful family. She finds in kids the amazement and wonder she looks for in life, and her favorite thing to do — by far — is watching them blossom knowing that she was a part of it.

Teaching Philosophy

Lis believes in an interdisciplinary approach to all themes. She finds the children’s minds to be like a sponge absorbing knowledge from the information that’s given to them. With that in mind, she likes to playfully introduce concepts of arts and sciences as far as their interests and ages allow. Lis also thinks that social skills are extremely important and that early childhood is a great time to develop it. Playing is a perfect opportunity for the educator to guide the kids through it, since play time is when children can make their decisions, solve their problems with friends, and learn how to ask for help if needed.

Questions & Comments

Lis believes in parents and teachers working together to serve the children’s best interests and needs. Therefore, she is happy to answer any questions from parents, and she welcomes any suggestions that you might have. You can contact her at, or schedule a time to speak with her before or after class.