About Our Classes

  • Art Classes

    The PAA art classes use a variety of materials and techniques designed to aid developmental skill acquisition in young children by engaging them in stimulating and challenging art projects. Basic shapes and colors are combined to create exciting works of art that encourage young children to develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills. The classes use many techniques such as paint, crayons, collage, cutting, gluing, and building. We also have a special emphasis on developing early literacy skills along the way, with letter recognition and vocabulary building.

    If interested, please email art@paanyc.org for a current schedule and more information.

  • Dance Classes

    IMG_9544-1The PAA is excited to offer dance and movement classes for 2.5-5 year olds. Both boys and girls are welcome. The classes strive to provide quality dance and movement experiences for each student, and the curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of each class.

    Space is limited. If interested, please email dance@paanyc.org for a current schedule and include the age(s) of your child(ren).

  • Foreign Language Classes

    Language classes are offered by the PAA to introduce young children to a foreign language. In these classes, children learn languages through songs, art, and storytime. Our curricula includes learning basic language skills including parts of the body, counting, food, colors, shapes, and animals. Classes are small and age-appropriate, and no prior knowledge is necessary to enroll.

    For more information, contact languages@paanyc.org

  • Music Classes

    Music teacher singing with childrenThe PAA is pleased to offer music classes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Music and More will feature an interactive, age-appropriate introduction to music and musical instruments with a guitar and storytelling combo. Activities will encourage participation through call-and-response songs, and will develop the children’s sense of rhythm through words and music further enhanced by interactive demonstrations of percussion instruments.

    If interested, please email music@paanyc.org for a schedule and more information.

  • Science Classes

    PAA science classes help our kids see their everyday world and beyond through the eyes of young scientists. Our curricula are tailored to enhance our children’s observation, comprehension, apprehension, expressive language, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills in a fun learning environment using creative activities and at least one field trip to the American Museum of Natural History. Our curricula combine the International Reading Association’s “Read, Write, Think” lesson plans with the National Science Standards, while using the American Museum of Natural History’s “Young Naturalist” classes as a practical guide. The first course, “The Moon and Beyond”, started in 2008 and was a great success!

    Each class is a drop-off with at least one parent/caregiver in attendance to assist instructors. For more information, contact science@paanyc.org.

  • Sports Classes

    kids playing soccerThe PAA sports have always been one of our most popular offerings. Classes are available for ages 1-6 in sports such as soccer, basketball, T-ball, and Taekwondo. Through these fun interactive sports, kids will have an outlet to release their energy while improving their social skills, coordination, and listening skills. Many of our sports classes are located outdoors at St. Catherine’s Park at 67th & 1st.

    If interested, please email sports@paanyc.org for a schedule and more information.